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Evidence. Decisions. Impact.

The three CPIA Professional courses are equipping a new generation of impact analysts. Whether you are involved in identifying, design, financing, implementing, monitoring, or evaluating social interventions, public policies, or international development projects, you will benefit from becoming a Certified Professional Impact Analyst. 

Foundations of Impact + Evaluating Impact + Impact Analysis Capstone + CPIA-I Exam = CPIA

Foundations of Impact (online) + Evaluating Impact (online) + Impact Analysis Capstone + CPIA-I Exam = CPIA

New! Online courses starting in September.

Prepare yourself for the new age of evidence-based decision-making.

Our mission is to help organizations maximize their impact.

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At Queen's University we believe in dynamic learning. All courses are offered through a blended online and residential platform, enabling professionals to cater the courses to their unique needs.

Learn how to rigorously collect evidence and analyze data.

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