Social Impact & Project Identification (IMPACT)

Learn how to identify, define, and value sources of impact 

  • Understand the need for social projects and international development
  • Learn about social impact and how it can be measured
  • Learn about quantitative tools for evidence-based decision-making and adaptive management
  • Apply techniques for quantifying and monetizing impacts in a range of sectors (health, nutrition, education, rural infrastructure, financial inclusion, water and sanitation, citizen security)
  • Identify evidence and assess its quality
  • Align competing objectives including equity, conservation, and economic development

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Results-Based Financing (FINANCE)

Learn about project finance and how to enter the world of results-based financing and impact investing

  • Assess the financial and social feasibility of a project in one integrated model
  • Conduct analysis on working capital requirements, inflation, exchange rate, and financing options
  • Conduct sustainability analysis
  • Measure and manage project risk
  • Identify performance and payment indicators
  • Manage portfolio risk
  • Effectively communicate results

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Collecting Data & Building Evidence (EVIDENCE)

Learn how to rigorously collect evidence and analyze data

  • Develop frameworks for monitoring, evaluation, and learning
  • Assess the quality of past and ongoing evaluations
  • Learn statistical foundations and tools for monitoring and evaluation
  • Learn about experimental and quasi-experimental evaluation methods
  • Calculate required sample size
  • Adjust project design to meet learning and performance monitoring objectives
  • Identify appropriate econometric methods for data analysis
  • Communicate evaluation plans and results
  • Develop frameworks for monitoring, evaluation, and learning

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Delivery Method 

Lectures complemented by applied case studies and in-class discussions