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The Discover Impact course covers fundamental economic theories used for identifying and measuring the socio-economic benefits of public policies, international development projects, and social programs. Participants learn how to compare these benefits to costs and assess the feasibility of interventions in frameworks such as cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis (CBA and CEA). The course covers a wide range of sectors including health, nutrition, education, water & sanitation, financial inclusion, citizen security, environment conservation, advocacy, institutional reform, rural electrification, and access to infrastructure. Furthermore, theoretical and practical aspects of integrating gender and ecosystem service valuation is discussed in the course.

  • Understand the need for social projects and international development
  • Learn about social impact and how it can be measured
  • Apply techniques for quantifying and monetizing impacts in a range of sectors
  • Align competing objectives including equity, conservation, and economic development
  • Learn about quantitative tools for evidence-based decision-making and adaptive management
  • Identify evidence and assess its quality

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Finance Impact

The Finance Impact course covers fundamental concepts behind financial analysis of investment projects and public policies. The course discusses modelling, risk analysis, and reporting for alternative financing models -- from basic forms of grants and debt financing, to innovative partnership models such as results-based financing, blended finance, and impact investing. The integrated approach to cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is introduced and used in the course, where social and financial impacts are analyzed in one comprehensive model.

  • Assess the financial and social feasibility of a project in one integrated model
  • Conduct analysis on working capital, inflation, exchange rate, and financing options
  • Conduct sustainability analysis
  • Measure and manage risk at project and portfolio levels
  • Identify performance and payment indicators

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Measure Impact

The Measure Impact course focuses on monitoring, evaluation, and learning in the context of public policy, international development projects, and social programs. The course covers basic and advanced topics on experiment design, evaluation design, sampling, data collection, data analysis, and reporting. Furthermore, the course takes a close look at the institutional barriers and enablers for the creation and use of evidence through pilot programs or ongoing projects.

  • Develop frameworks for monitoring, evaluation, and learning
  • Assess the quality of past and ongoing evaluations
  • Learn statistical foundations and tools for monitoring and evaluation
  • Learn about experimental and quasi-experimental evaluation methods
  • Calculate required sample size
  • Adjust project design to meet learning and performance monitoring objectives
  • Identify appropriate econometric methods for data analysis
  • Communicate evaluation plans and results

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Delivery Method 

Lectures complemented by applied case studies and in-class discussions 

Course participants working through a case study

Tailor Your Experience 

We are committing to ensuring that you get the most out of your CPIA experience. If two or more individuals from your organization attend a course, you have the option of working on one of your organization’s projects during the hands-on sessions (afternoons). This provides you with an opportunity to apply new skills to your existing work and to receive high quality feedback from our faculty members. Many institutions take advantage of this feature to build capacity and access external expertise, all without slowing down the on-going projects. For more information, or to find out if your project is suitable please email us at