Impact Analysis Capstone

The CPIA Impact Analysis Capstone course is an exciting opportunity for participants to work closely with faculty to apply the entire impact analysis lifecycle to a project or policy. This one week of intensive, practical learning gives participants the opportunity to apply their skills assessing socio-economic feasibility (CBA), considering financing options, and designing right-fit monitoring and evaluation strategies to real world projects and policies. Participants will develop reports and presentations to communicate their findings tailored to the needs of different stakeholders, and will benefit from the practical expertise of faculty and collaboration with peers.

In this course you will apply your knowledge and skills in:
  • Theory of change and social justification
  • Cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis models
  • Recommendations regarding the choice of financing (from grants to innovative models)
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and learning plans
  • Communications platforms and institutional strategies
Due to COVID-19, the Capstone course will be held online during 2022.
Delivery will will use real time collaboration technology to allow for creative learning through group work and frequent one on one sessions with the faculty. Group work will utilize virtual whiteboards, meeting rooms, and other co-creation tools.

This course is a full-time course - participants must have no other engagements during the course week. Complete course schedule available upon registration or request.

Students will be offered a choice of policy/project options in different sectors to take through the entire impact analysis life cycle. Alternatively, students may bring their own actual project or policy to work on during the course. This provides you with an opportunity to apply new skills to your existing work and to receive high quality feedback from our faculty members. Many institutions take advantage of this feature to build capacity and access external expertise, all without slowing down the on-going projects. For more information, or to find out if your project is suitable please email us at 

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