2018 Discover Impact Course Review

The first offering of the CPIA Discover Impact course was a resounding success! The week-long course, running May 14-18, 2018, was hosted in Goodes Hall, the home of Queen’s Smith School of Business. Under the guidance of four expert facilitators, nineteen course participants took the first step towards becoming Certified Professional Impact Analysts, a new designation offered by Queen’s University.

The Discover Impact course taught participants how to to identify, define, and value sources of impact in various sectors including health, agriculture, conservation, rural infrastructure and financial inclusion. Participants were engaged in lectures, in-class discussions and completed two case studies.

The course brought together individuals from diverse academic and professional backgrounds, representing such organizations as World Vision, Nutrition International and Queen’s University’s Economics Department. Participants, many of whom were first-time visitors to Kingston, eagerly took in the sights and sounds of the University’s beautiful campus. There were a number of socials hosted throughout the week to provide participants with opportunities to network and interact with faculty.

The course received highly positive reviews from all of our participants.

“Thanks for the opportunity to go on this exciting journey of changing the world in a more cost-effective way!” - Marine Adamyan, New Business & Partnership Director, World Vision International



We look forward to seeing our Discover Impact alumni and new faces joining us for the next course in the CPIA program: Finance Impact offered August 13-17, 2018.

- June 22, 2018