Meet the CPIA Team

Since the initial planning stages of the CPIA designation, our focus has been to bring together top-notch academics and practitioners to develop and deliver this course-series. 

We are very excited to introduce our esteemed CPIA team: Bahman Kashi, Christopher Cotton, Kristen Schubert, Jerrod Mason, and Huw Lloyd-Ellis.  

This group of individuals has dedicated countless hours to developing course content that is academically sound and transferable to practical workplace situations. Most of their effort is focused on the integration of tools and theories that are often utilized in isolation - this is a key distinguishing factor of CPIA.

CPIA facilitators represent diverse academic and professionals backgrounds as practitioners and trainers in economic analysis and evaluation. The varied experiences of our team allow CPIA courses to cover a wide-range of sectors and country-specific case studies. 


Dr. Bahman Kashi, Director  

Bahman Kashi is a leading expert in the economic analysis and financing of international development projects. He has more than 10 years of experience working around the world as a consultant and trainer. 


Dr. Christopher Cotton, Sr. Lecturer

Christopher Cotton has more than 18 years of experience conducting evaluations and impact assessments for governments and organizations.


Guest Lecturers 


Dr. Huw Lloyd-Ellis, Lecturer 

Huw Lloyd-Ellis has 30 years of experience teaching and conducting academic research on the economies of developing countries.




Kristen Schubert, Lecturer  

Kristen is an economist with more than 10 years of experience in applied economic analysis and growth diagnostics.




Jerrod Mason, Guest Lecturer  

Jerrod has developed and delivered courses in benefit-cost analysis, training more than 250 USAID staff, local hires and contractors, and host country counterparts in project evaluation techniques. 




- July 31, 2018