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Learning objectives 

The exam is the final step in achieving the CPIA-I designation.

The exam is intended to verify your understanding of the key components of each course and how they fit together, establishing your knowledge of the role of evidence at all stages of the project cycle. 

Exam Preparation

The exam is designed to be achievable for those who have completed the three courses. It focuses on breadth of knowledge and does not require in-depth study of each topic (CBA, financial analysis, impact evaluation, etc.).

Those registered for the exam will receive recap questions for each course one week before the exam date. If you have successfully completed the three courses, we recommend that exam preparation focus on reviewing the recap questions.

    Delivery method
    • Online

        Participants must have completed or be registered in Foundations of Impact, Evaluating Impact and Impact Analysis Capstone courses, or equivalent courses approved by CPIA faculty, to register for the exam. If you believe you have equivalent experience that would allow you to successfully pass the exam without having taken the prerequisite courses, please contact us.


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        • Anyone who has registered for all three CPIA courses is eligible to sit the CPIA exam for free. Please contact us if you have not received your discount code.
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