Queen’s School of Policy Studies takes cutting edge approach to economics education by incorporating CPIA program

We are excited to inform you about a new partnership between the Certified Professional Impact Analyst program (CPIA) and the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University. 

The School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University is one of Canada’s premier institutions in the education of policymakers. As a leader in this space, the School is announcing a reorganization of its economics curriculum in order to increase its relevance.

Starting in 2020, the economics courses in the MPA program will cover the CPIA curriculum. The CPIA program was designed by faculty members from the economics department at Queen’s University. The program provides its participants with the tools necessary to make evidence-driven decisions for public policy, social programs, and development projects. The MPA students will have the option to get the CPIA designation as a part of their MPA program.

This partnership reflects the dynamic nature of the MPA program at Queen’s University and highlights the relevance of the CPIA curriculum to the evolving social and economic policies in Canada and internationally. 

Queen’s University will continue offering CPIA for professionals outside the MPA program.

For more information about the MPA and CPIA programs, please visit https://www.queensu.ca/sps/mpa and https://cpia.queensu.ca/